Marriage Takes Three

This poem comes from a plaque I have on my bedroom wall at home.  It helps me to remember that with his strength all things are stronger … marriage, family, Love, and your ability to get through anything in life!  When things have been tough in my marriage (lets face it we all have had our moments .. no marriage is perfect), my husband and I have found that if we read the Bible together at least once a day it makes a huge difference in our bond …. it is absolutely impossible to stay mad at someone when you are reading God’s Word together!  Remember that the next time you get frustrated with your other half!

Marriage Takes Three to be complete

It’s not enough for two to meet

They must be united in Love

By Love’s Creator, God Above.

Then their Love will be firm and strong;

Able to last when things go wrong,

Because they’ve felt God’s Love and know

He’s always there, He’ll never go.

And they have both loved him in kind

With all their heart and soul and mind;

And in that love they’ve found the way

To Love each other everyday.

A marriage that follows God’s plan

Takes more than a woman and a man.

It needs a oneness that can be

only from Christ

Marriage Takes Three


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