In my own search for finding peace and grace in my daily life I found that the only way to Find Grace is by looking to Him … and when it is found (even on a small level) it is an amazing thing especially when done with the power of God’s Love.

By definition Grace is a character of God, it is the true meaning of what God does for us everyday in our lives by forgiving us of our sins, loving us, and giving us strength.  It is a character trait that as I have grown in my own personal faith recently I have come to strive towards everyday in my life …  though most days falling short … as we all do … but having that daily goal has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.  While knowing I will never be able to give the fullness of what God’s grace is (as none of us can) … I am striving to honor Him with my efforts.  As I work towards it I have a peace that I never had before … that’s why it is such a blessing for me to be able to share a little of that with you everyday here on our website.

Over the past few years I went through a very negative time in my life … even though it was very hard I wouldn’t change that experience for anything, because through God’s Grace and my faith in him my heart was healed and it lead me right to this very moment as I sit here to write this page. It brought me closer to God and helped me realize that the more I put God in my life the closer I am to feeling his grace in everything I do.

The goal of this website and how I want to try to live from this day forward is to see God’s grace in everything we do, everything we see, and live every moment with the desire to give enough grace to others for peace and love in our lives. If each of us could give a spec of the grace that God gives us  … just think of the peace we would all share.

~ The more we put Him in our lives the closer we come to finding grace in ourselves~

The “Grace With Him” website and Facebook Fan Page was created to share God’s Love on a daily basis to help us all ~ with his guidance ~  find grace for each other. I feel so blessed to be able to share His love in this way with others … and each day the more I share the closer I feel to Him.

My family has been touched by God’s Love in an amazing way throughout our lives and we want to give back in honor of Him … in His honor all proceeds gained from this website will be donated to support the Christian Orphanage in India that my family helps fund.

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Please visit our “Request a Prayer” page and “Share Your Testimony” pages to share how Jesus has touched your life with His grace and encourage others by responding to their message.

With His Grace,

Kate Wilber

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